[ Power of Place ]

perhaps a familiar phrase to many of us,
conveys diverse interpretations.

PLACE implies a certain geographical where-ness,
a particular physical and spatial location.
We also say a “sense of place,” which indicates
a non-material perception,
a subjective and sensory appreciation of a specific location.

Or, “I like this place” suggests associational connections to one’s memory,
stirring up an image of some other known experience from the past.

POWER is used to describe a place when the place’s characterization and
embedded quality carry noticeable impact upon those who experience it.

Such “power” is not passive but strongly recognized and felt, both fleeting and
temporal, or lasting and enduring. The strength of this power may be realized
in a very personal way but may also be shared collectively – such an experience
can be described as timeless and universal.

It could be stated that a particular place possesses utmost power when one derives
culturally-based personal meaning and emotive connection from it.

[ Power of Place ] is the theme of eTOPOS in 2017.

Follow us as we present images throughout the year on this topic, with examples at varying scales
from hand & body size ~ Small
to building size and streets ~ Medium
to towns and regional contexts ~ Large



Find each example as a skyMEMO, introducing further thinking upon each topic with additional Read More discussions and illustrative images.



Each topic will also feature a digital CALENDAR that you can take with you wherever you go: as the background image on your desktop or laptop computer, or as the lock screen or background on your smartphone and tablet. (See below for instructions.*) You can also print the PDF to hang on your wall as a physical visual reminder.


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Ready to learn more? See the skyMEMOs from 2017.

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